There is a systemic problem with Cloud Computing. Subutai has the solution.

The problem, and it is big, is that traditional cloud computing is centralized, and controlled by a small group of powerful corporations.

Cloud computing should service all high-level computing users effectively and efficiently. Although it may appear that way on the surface, cloud computing is becoming increasingly complex and cost-prohibitive, even for the pros.

The world is in the middle of an escalating cloud price war. Server companies are falling over themselves to cut costs, but the fact remains that the oligopoly wouldn’t need to cut costs if services were priced fairly in the first place. Subutai’s technologically disruptive products and strategies deliver solutions to fix these cloud computing problems.

Everyone recognizes and agrees that businesses must be profitable, but oligopolies strangle competition –­– the lifeblood that helps keep costs equitable. Natural human tendency is to gravitate to where our voices are heard and where we are respected, and it is exactly this type of cloud computing community that Subutai is helping to create: An equitable place where we can easily share resources, and where everyone can prosper.

The current way of leveraging cloud computing is provider-centric, not user-centric.

Essentially, the current climate is not based in democracy. Rather, it’s an environment controlled by the big players; Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, IBM, and Alibaba, according to a report from ZDNet.

In response to this growing problem, the Subutai platform is designed to level the field by disrupting this environment, which makes cloud computing more accessible for everyone.

Subutai DISRUPTS Cloud Computing by;

  • Democratizing and decentralizing cloud computing to make it more accessible.
  • Commoditizing cloud computing to make it more affordable and profitable.
  • Fostering an Open Source atmosphere that encourages future growth.

Decentralizing the Cloud

Not surprisingly, we need to break a few eggs in order to bake this new cloud cake, or, to extrapolate the analogy a bit, into cupcakes.  Decentralizing, in essence, means Subutai is breaking apart the “master” central cloud, which is currently controlled by a handful of companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Subutai’s goal is to decentralize the oligopoly and separate it into an infinite number of CLOUDS, which would mean the correct terminology is in fact, “Clouds Computing.”

Commoditizing the Cloud

We’re also aiming to enable individual and organizational users to benefit from renting/selling out their unused computer resources. Up to 90 percent of computing power around the world is underutilized, which means machines sit idle most of the time. Consequently, our strategy is to commoditize this currently untapped resource through our suite of services and products.

From where we began to where we’re heading.

Open Source trailblazers–­–Jon “maddog” Hall, Alex Karasulu, and Sally Khudairi–­–are the intellectual driving forces behind Subutai. All three garnered their substantial knowledge of cloud computing through diverse technological careers.

Jon began to build systems on Unix in 1980, and also helped formulate and define Linux in 1994 –­– inspired forever by Open Source philosophy after working alongside and becoming close friends with Linus Torvalds. Jon “maddog” is credited for being part of the meeting where the term “Open Source” was formalized. “maddog” is also currently the Board Chair for the Linux Professional Institute.

Alex, Founder and CTO of OptDyn – the technology company behind Subutai, is the original author of the Apache Directory Server. He also co-founded Apache projects like MINA, Felix, and Karaf. His software is used every day in commercial solutions by Google, IBM, Atlassian, Cisco, Polycom, and more.

Sally is the former deputy to Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Tim is recognized globally as the inventor of the World Wide Web). Sally was the Head of Communications for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). She also helped launch The Apache Software Foundation in 1999, and is currently its Vice President of Marketing and Publicity.  

Everyone at Subutai knows we didn’t get where we are on our own. Brilliant and progressive thought leaders went before us to carve a path and set standards. We all humbly recognize that we stand on the shoulders of giants like Columbia University Professor Al Aho, and are also respectfully indebted to C programming language and Unix co-creator Dennis Ritchie, without whom Subutai would not exist.

In our next blog, we’ll dive deeper into the Subutai ecosystem by exploring how all of our different products and services work towards one singular solution: The democratization, decentralization, and commoditization of cloud computing.

As a teaser, start by checking out our Website, where you will find information on our comprehensive suite of products and services. See the link below for more information.

The Subutai Solution

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