The Horde Is Coming: Subutai 7.0

by OptDyn CTO and Founder Alex Karasulu


The Horde Is Coming: Subutai 7.0

We’re proud to announce the latest 7.0 major version release of the Subutai Platform. We just finished the migration from 6.0 to update all components today, May 10th 2018, on schedule. Please note that 7.0 is not backwards compatible with 6.0. Environments (clouds) running on 6.0 peers will continue to run. Everyone should however upgrade their peers to take advantage of all the benefits of 7.0 and avoid compatibility issues.

Subutai is composed of several different software components. We first started introducing 7.0 features into 6.0 that did not impose compatibility issues. We left the last few changes breaking compatibility towards the end for the last switch over to 7.0.

Subutai 7.0 is the best ever! It’s more stable and performant than 6.0 and well suited for mission critical production environments. Lucky 7, as we call it, is the major version intended to take the community through its token distribution event. It has backend changes to facilitate all the blockchain features needed to enable the dual token scheme use by the platform involving the GoodWill and KHAN tokens.

Here’s a list of the major improvements and features in 7.0:

Subutai PeerOS

  • Abandoned the use of Snap package to use Debian Packages
  • Switch default local CoW file system to ZFS instead of BTRFS
  • Template versioning and concurrent versions support
  • Subutai Agent exposes new REST API for Resource Hosts
  • Desktop as a Service Support for Containers
  • Using hard ZFS quotas instead of soft quotas
  • P2P fast warm up and other performance improvements
  • P2P tunneling and reconnection improvements
  • New environment REST API with CLI (similar to AWS meta api)

Subutai Control Center

  • Lazy installs software components when needed
  • Manages peer lifecycle from cradle to grave
  • Usability enhancements and several bug fixes
  • Using proper LFS paths
  • Desktop as a Service (x2go) Support

Subutai Vagrant Plugin

  • New disk growth command
  • Multiple Vagrant provider boxes for VM peers on several hypervisors
    • Libvirt
    • Virtualbox
    • Parallels
    • VMWare Fusion
    • VMWare Desktop
    • Hyper-V
  • Peer registration commands with Bazaars
  • Resource host registration commands to peers
  • Provisioning support for Subutai Blueprints

Subutai Bazaar

  • Applications management tab for environments
  • Blueprint enhancements to specify cloud distribution topology
  • Usability improvements for several workflows including BP wizard
  • Service Level Agreements as Ethereum Smart Contracts

Subutai E2E Security Plugin

  • Enabled operation with new Firefox API
  • New Microsoft Edge Plugin

Subutai Website

  • New website design
  • Integrated with new readthedocs site

Besides these new features and improvements above (in existing projects) some entirely new projects were emerged:

  • Subutai Ansible Module
  • Subutai Read The Docs
  • Subutai Container Utils
  • Various Debian package projects

The Subutai Ansible Module has been completed and submitted to the Ansible community for inclusion in the distribution: see The module can invoke peer CLI commands remotely, provision new peers and provision blueprints. It’s functionality mirrors the commands and functionality present in the Vagrant Subutai Plugin but is geared towards system administrators managing hosted, or cloud peers.

The new documentation project based on read the docs amalgamates documentation stored in github repository wikis as well as product documents kept in Google Docs for the project. It builds an entire table of contents for all the information associated with Subutai, its sub products and its 20+ projects.

The container CLI utilities project manages client tools used to query environment (cloud), peer, and container information. The CLI tool therein handles communicating with a REST API inside each network segment of the virtual private cloud to get information about the hosting peer, and the environment configuration.

As we switched from using a snap to regular vanilla Debian packages, we needed to decompose the snap into them. This produced a few projects just to hold the configuration for each of these new packages

Overall 7.0 opens Subutai to several future enhancements on our roadmap geared towards the Subutai token distribution event. It’s the lucky 7 release that will amass the hordes needed to conquer the cloud. Get started today!

Subutai Engineering Team members Timur Zhamakeev, Sydyk Akhmataliev, Adilet Zholdoshbekov, Aizhan Taalay kyzy, Emil Sulaimanov, Zubaidullo Niimatullo uulu, Eldar Tursunbaev, Azret Kenzhaliev, Bakhtiar Kukanov, Alina Penkina, Ibraghim Muhamedzhar, along with interns Amirkhan Ahetov and Bakhtiar Ayubov, enjoy a moment in the sun after releasing “Lucky 7”. Not pictured: Dilshat Aliev, Mikhail Savochkin, Abdysamat Mamutov, Erkin Matkaziev, Almanbet Sherov, Lars B. Thomsen, Aaron Xu, Fernando Silva, Marco Silva, and Burak Metin.