Increase customers via Subutai Hub

Screenshot_5Increasing customers in numbers is a complicated process. Since there is no a marketplace where customers would be able to rate used services, this BIG hosting companies are only the dominating nowadays. Hence it is difficult to rate the services they provide.

I believe that small companies may provide better services and newer technological solutions than this BIG throne gamers. Only, the problem was of not existing marketplaces for hosting providers.

Optimal Dynamics presented Subutai Hub, a place for sharing, rating and selling computational resources, plus hosting providers are rated based on services they provide. Subutai Hub provides free services for hosting providers like:

  • monitoring and administration
  • load balanced cloud
  • dynamic DNS
  • dynamic matching
  • proxy services

So, any kind of Server Hosting Providers irrespectively of its sizes can use Subutai Hub and provide services for customers thus attain top quality services.

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Life is easier now …with Subutai

Every developer knows that to build a highly available web application, one needs to use either a clustered architecture for self-hosted apps or a cloud (app architecture still needs to consider clustering).

Nowadays a word “cloud” is ubiquitous. Even non-tech guys know it. It is a trend.

Developers create apps, upload them to clouds and the rest is handled by cloud providers: Server maintenance and high availability including electricity outages, security and many more. They can even scale your app and load balance user requests to it.

But, all these comes with a cost. Monthly bills can hit your pockets significantly.

Yeah, you can buy and host own servers in own “home” data-center. But then electricity bills, hardware maintenance and noise with heat would make your life a disaster.

Did you ever think of using a datacenter at an affordable price?

Like you go to a mall and shop for goods , compare brands, their quality, prices and discounts and pick one, that matches your preferences best.

Yeah, this is possible now with Subutai.

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