Introducing a new way to manage your Subutai™ Peers

by Erkin Matkaziev and Mike Savochkin

Easily manage your Subutai Cloud from your desktop with the Control Center!

The Control Center is an operating system tray application that integrates Subutai natively onto your desktop. It provides a single menu to access all of Subutai’s major features.


From within the Control Center, you can start a virtual desktop session that works with Subutai’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) feature or SSH into one of your environments’ containers.

Control Center works with your Bazaar account to integrate Subutai onto your desktop. You can manage your peers, and environments natively with Control Center while tracking who’s paying you for your resources and how much GoodWill you’ve earned.

We are pleased to introduce a new feature with the latest update: Peer control management from within the app. With this cool new feature you can create your own Subutai Peer and manage its lifecycle to keep earning Subutai™ GoodWill.

How it works

Control Center uses Vagrant which is a tool for building and managing virtual machines. Subutai supports many hypervisors thanks to Vagrant. Presently only VirtualBox has been integrated into Control Center but it works across all popular operating systems. In the coming weeks we will be adding support for the following hypervisors:

  • VMWare Fusion (only Mac)
  • VMWare Desktop and Workstation (Linux, and Windows)
  • Parallels (only Mac)
  • Hyper V (only Windows 10)


Guide on how to use peer manager


1) Open Subutai Control Center application

2) Install dependency software (virtualbox, vagrant)

3) Click “create peer” in “my peers menu”

4) Configure your peer

5) Wait until installation is finished

6) Open peer dialog box

7) Register your peer to the Subutai Bazaar

Congratulations! Now you have your own Subutai Peer installed by Control Center with help of Vagrant. Now you can set the price for your peer, change configuration, or destroy it (and install a new one or several new peers).

Have fun!