Calling all Developers, Sysadmins, and Enthusiasts for the Subutai Blueprint Hackathon


OptDyn, makers of the Subutai Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform, invite developers and system administrators at all levels to participate in the Subutai Blueprint Hackathon.

WHAT: The Subutai Blueprint Hackathon is an international event across the globe to develop application blueprints for the P2P Cloud Crowd, the Subutai Horde. Hackathon participants earn GoodWill, the digital asset used to exchange resources, with every Subutai Blueprint they create and share on the Subutai Bazaar.

WHAT IS A BLUEPRINT? Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. P2P orchestration can occur perpetually to adapt to shifting conditions to keep applications running.

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Increase customers via Subutai Bazaar

Increasing customers in numbers is a complicated process. Since there is no a marketplace where customers would be able to rate used services, this BIG hosting companies are only the dominating nowadays. Hence it is difficult to rate the services they provide.

I believe that small companies may provide better services and newer technological solutions than this BIG throne gamers. Only, the problem was of not existing marketplaces for hosting providers.

OptDyn presented Subutai Bazaar, a place for sharing, rating and selling computational resources, plus hosting providers are rated based on services they provide. The Subutai Bazaar provides free services for hosting providers such as:

  • monitoring and administration
  • load balanced cloud
  • dynamic DNS
  • dynamic matching
  • proxy services

So, any kind of Server Hosting Providers irrespective of its sizes can use the Subutai Bazaar and provide services for customers thus attain top quality services.

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Life is easier now …with Subutai

Todo desenvolvedor sabe que para criar um aplicativo web altamente disponível, é preciso usar uma arquitetura em cluster para aplicativos autônomos ou uma nuvem (a arquitetura de aplicativos ainda precisa considerar o agrupamento). Atualmente, uma palavra “nuvem” é onipresente. Até mesmo os pessoal não-técnicos sabem disso. É uma tendência. Os desenvolvedores criam aplicativos, enviam-nos para … Continue reading Life is easier now …with Subutai