Calling all Developers, Sysadmins, and Enthusiasts for the Subutai Blueprint Hackathon


OptDyn, makers of the Subutai Open Source Peer-to-Peer Cloud Computing platform, invite developers and system administrators at all levels to participate in the Subutai Blueprint Hackathon.

WHAT: The Subutai Blueprint Hackathon is an international event across the globe to develop application blueprints for the P2P Cloud Crowd, the Subutai Horde. Hackathon participants earn GoodWill, the digital asset used to exchange resources, with every Subutai Blueprint they create and share on the Subutai Bazaar.

WHAT IS A BLUEPRINT? Subutai Blueprints specify general instructions for installing, updating and maintaining P2P distributed cloud applications. The Subutai P2P Cloud combines these instructions with load and resource availability information to optimally place infrastructure resources in P2P cloud environments and run distributed applications. P2P orchestration can occur perpetually to adapt to shifting conditions to keep applications running.

WHY ARE THEY NEEDED? The OS wars are over, yet the battle for user freedom and privacy has shifted to the cloud, and nefarious actors continue to infringe on these inalienable rights. The outcome of the fight depends on the ability of the masses to easily host open source applications in their own cloud without needing a technical background. Subutai was created to allow anyone with computer resources to share or rent them with others and securely host their cloud applications any way they like, but Subutai alone is not enough. Application blueprints that insulate users from technical details, and allow for one click application installation with zero maintenance overhead are needed.

HOW THE HACKATHON WORKS: We’ve prepared a list of recommended application blueprints on GitHub. Those who want to participate in the hackathon are welcome to submit pull requests (PR) after editing the file hosted in the repository. GitHub usernames should be added to existing application recommendations. A new row can be added to the table to propose a blueprint for an application we may have overlooked. Subutai Ambassadors will review, and apply the PR to approve your registration request. There is no limit to the number of blueprints participants can apply for.

Before the hackathon begins, registrants are assigned a repository at the Subutai Blueprints GitHub Organization to develop their blueprint during the hackathon and thereafter. At the close of the hackathon, a panel of Subutai GoodWill Ambassadors review blueprints and award GoodWill for each successfully developed blueprint. Additional bonuses, and Ambassadorships are awarded to those who produce the most blueprints to be approved by Subutai Ambassadors.

Blueprint authors are Open Source warriors in the battle for freedom, choice, and privacy in the cloud era. Subutai has provided its warriors with the most powerful weapon of all, a P2P Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Platform to deliver their applications to the masses. This all supports Open Source projects to gain more users that would never have used their product, and that could make all the difference for them to prosper. See,, for details on our Open Source Contribution Program, which provides direct resource assistance to Open Source Projects. Besides spreading a lot of “good will” and helping Open Source, those who participate and successfully produce acceptable blueprints will receive:

  1. GoodWill to exchange resources on the Subutai Bazaar
  2. The right to receive ongoing GoodWill from Subutai Bazaar Users
  3. Recognition for contributing to one of the world’s most exciting, next-generation Cloud/IoT projects

WHO: The Subutai Blueprint Hackathon is open to software developers and system administrators from all over the world. There is no restriction on age, employment, ability, or skill level.

WHEN: The hackathon kicks off at 12.01AM Eastern Time (ET/UTC -5) on 30 January 2018, and ends at 11.59PM ET on 1 March 2018. Those who receive GoodWill and prizes will be announced on the Subutai Blueprints Hackathon Readme and on the Subutai Website before 15 March 2018.

TO GET STARTED: Fork the Subutai Hackathon Repository on GitHub and send a PR.

ABOUT: The Subutai Blueprint Hackathon is sponsored and run by OptDyn Corporation. OptDyn and Subutai are trademarks of OptDyn Corporation. For more information, visit

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