Life is easier now …with Subutai

Every developer knows that to build a highly available web application, one needs to use either a clustered architecture for self-hosted apps or a cloud (app architecture still needs to consider clustering).

Nowadays a word “cloud” is ubiquitous. Even non-tech guys know it. It is a trend.

Developers create apps, upload them to clouds and the rest is handled by cloud providers: Server maintenance and high availability including electricity outages, security and many more. They can even scale your app and load balance user requests to it.

But, all these comes with a cost. Monthly bills can hit your pockets significantly.

Yeah, you can buy and host own servers in own “home” data-center. But then electricity bills, hardware maintenance and noise with heat would make your life a disaster.

Did you ever think of using a datacenter at an affordable price?

Like you go to a mall and shop for goods , compare brands, their quality, prices and discounts and pick one, that matches your preferences best.

Yeah, this is possible now with Subutai.

What is Subutai?

Imagine, you need to host your app but don’t have own servers. You go to an online shop and rent servers among many that are for rent. You specify your preferences that include: price range, geolocation, availability, hardware specifications etc. Then you press a button, and you have own cloud with characteristics that fit you best.

Or, you have own servers that are underutilized or not used at all. And you want to make money out of them, you wanna rent them to somebody. You can sell their resources in the same shop. Other people who are looking for resources, can buy them from you. Of course, if you provide a decent level of quality of your service. Keep your servers up ~24/7, for example.

And all this without having to go out from your home. All is done online, virtually.

This is one of the main benefits of Subutai and its market place — Subutai Bazaar.

You just need to create your account and then you can start buying server resources scattered all around the world.

And, you can start selling your own hardware resources.

Users that buy Subutai private clouds immediately get access into them using Subutai EZ SSH tool that works smoothly together with Subutai P2P network and Subutai Control Center linux app to allow secure access to your private cloud.

Moreover, for user convenience, we have Subutai end-to-end browser plugin that allows you to manage own cryptographic keys for access to Subutai Management Console.

Yeah, life is easier now with Subutai .

Hope to see you soon! Cheers!

Dilshat Aliev

Senior Software Engineer at OptDyn

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