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Subutai – Democratizing Cloud Computing

Right now, the $760 billion cloud computing industry survives on the basis of one very simple pitch: When your own computing devices are inadequate to meet your needs, you should simply order more storage and speed a-la-carte from major tech companies. The whole system is balanced on the idea that this pitch is sound.

But what if almost every cloud computing customer already has the power they need to ditch the cloud oligopoly for good, and they just don’t know it yet?

What if cloud computing could be democratized?

The world currently overlooks and wastes an overwhelming volume of all available computing resources. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Google have a vested interest in making cloud computing overly complex and expensive for the average customer to make use of all the redundant resources they’ve already purchased.

A solution exists, however, that can disrupt many industries, the same way it’s already disrupting the global financial industry, and that solution is the blockchain.

Distributed ledger technology has already demonstrated a unique ability to disrupt huge entrenched oligopolies comprised of powerful corporations. Subutai democratizes cloud computing for everyone in exactly the same way.

Subutai is a progressive and innovative marriage of multiple technologies. In principle, the distributed computing platform is designed to be disruptive in a way similar to how Bitcoin shook up the financial industry, but respective of Google and Amazon rather than Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan. Subutai brings together idle cloud computing resources so you, or your business, can cost effectively capitalize on a variety of services. You can configure your proprietary cloud to do what you need it to do, rather than being shackled by the limitations imposed by unaccountable cloud service providers.

Making all these possibilities a reality is the Subutai Open Source software stack, now in its 7th release. Subutai PeerOS can turn any computer into a personalized cloud computing platform, freeing that computer to offload complex tasks to the cloud, and also make its own idle downtime available for others to leverage.

Simply connecting all of your devices is not enough, you need Subutai to help access all of that idle power on a global scale. Sequentially, Subutai also developed the Subutai Bazaar, a marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and trade computing resources between each other. Subutai blockchain technology facilitates easy and secure resource trading, democratizing the incredible power of computers all over the globe.

Coordinating a real-time, ad-hoc network of computing power like that is not easy, so Subutai also developed the Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0. This revolutionary device improves the networking efficiency of PeerOS by actively identifying and avoiding network bottlenecks. It improves security and monitors the contents of incoming packets of information. The Subutai Blockchain Router is a green cryptocurrency wallet and mining device that allows users to easily enter the cryptocurrency economy.

Our router’s efficiency will increase over time with updates to firmware, but right now, it is estimated that our router will generate a rate of up to $45 USD/month worth of Ether at current rates. The Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0 draws just 18 watts of power, making it up to 1,083 percent more efficient, and thus considerably “greener” than traditional GPU mining boards.

Using the Subutai ecosystem means that the agile, decentralized startups that have the most success in today’s market could considerably reduce their cloud computing and mining costs. With the addition of just a few Subutai Blockchain Routers (which in ideal conditions could pay for themselves within eight months), a network can run on decentralized peer-to-peer apps rather than expensive, centralized, and inherently insecure master cloud computing services from a third party, like Google.

Democratization is all about putting power back in your hands, and it’s our goal to ensure that reality becomes common place. We’re disrupting and changing cloud computing forever.

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