Big Changes for Subutai

SubutaiWarDog is OptDyn CTO and Founder Alex Karasulu. 

We finally did it! Watching so many ICOs successfully complete on grandiose ideas, vaporware, or merely prototypes we decided to commit and conduct our own token distribution event for Subutai’s KHAN™.

With a sum total of over a century in Open Source, as recognized, and trusted leaders in the community, none of us wanted anything to do with an ICO at first. We are still prudent and think the SEC should apply more antibiotics to protect people. The  negative stigma kept us away. Even though we were certain to be successful, we thought it was shady, and have reputations to uphold.

We could have launched early with Subutai’s PeerOS and the Subutai Bazaar being mature and robust now in their sixth major versions. Watching Golem raise 8.4M USD in 29 minutes intrigued us. The final trigger was the completion of the Subutai Blockchain Router 2.0 design which mines Ether, and hence Ethereum Blockchain based mine-able tokens. With manufacturing underway we thought it was finally time.

The parameters of the token distribution event for Subutai’s currency, the KHAN™, is not yet available at this time. We’re working with Vanbex to quickly ramp things up. Stay tuned for the dates and all the token parameters. In preparation, we’ve organized our documentation, revamped the website, and published our Executive Summary of the ICO whitepaper. We’re excited to get feedback from our user community (the horde!) and to make sure the token mechanics evolve through community participation.

Recent changes included a rename of the Hub to the Bazaar along with several new features and improvements across the platform. The tray application has also been renamed to the Subutai Control Center. A new convenient file transfer feature has been added as well as and Desktop-as-a-Service feature. Users can now remote desktop to containers with a desktop installed and x2go. We’ve added application blueprints for WordPress, and Mattermost.

Perhaps the most attractive application blueprint is our just released Blockchain-in-a-Box, which offers a private blockchain with a full development and test environment for Solidity Smart Contracts (available now on the Bazaar!). Over the next few releases you’ll see more new features that will make the P2P cloud irresistible.

We invite everyone to get involved. Register below for our newsletter to get advanced notice of our ICO and new features on the platform. Sign up to the Subutai Bazaar, install your own peer and participate in the P2P cloud economy. Let’s conquer the cloud together!

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